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Established since 2002. Our aim is to support and supply you with a World First Class product to achieve and enhance your goals. The Mobile Livestock Management Computer Program, is one program to manage unlimited small- and large stock herds, game, horses, dogs. On the Software button (on the left of your screen) please complete your information and you can download the program!  There is no license fee applicable and a yearly GLIMS BURO Service Fee apply.

Our goal is to support you in Implementing your Livestock Program to such an extent that you are in the position to improve your multiple Sheep, Cattle, Goat, Game, Horse, Dogs, Birds etc. Genetics through manageable customized reports, multiple updating of ie. camps/farms and more, your animal photos can be placed and incorrect data can be corrected/edited or deleted.

The software in your Livestock program allows you to record your data in the veld/kraal on your handheld/smartphone/PDA as an extension to your PC/Laptop based program. It is also included in your price.  All Smartphones and Tablet with the Windows 7, 8 & 10 operating systems can accomodate your Livestock Program, consult with your service provider the Windows particioning for Ipad etc.   A second program to your second computer will be charged for. Contact us for a quotation on your needs.

NB: For your serious consideration is the Glims Buro Service which assists you to record your animals and storage of your data. It is important to receive a monthly backup from you. Service and once-off fee is effective from 1 January to 31st December. Send your Livestock Backup to: lhc@lhcgs.co.za

We analise, design, develop and maintain Central Computer Management Systems in conjunction with your personal specifications as per your business need. Related services is secure Storage of information, Backup, Restore & Recovery of information (online), also the buro through which the administration function to recordings are accomplished. Intensive reports (customized) is part of your Central Data Program sourcecode. Compatible with the National System, Breedplan and other International format requests are welcomed!